Alexis Tsipras: We have proved there is an alternative way

Alexis Tsipras: We have proved there is an alternative way

Alexis Tsipras: We have proved there is an alternative way – Excerpts from Alexis Tsipras’ speech at the meeting of the Syriza Central Committee on 03.03.19

Alexis Tsipras: We have proved there is an alternative way – the start of a new era

“It is almost half a year since the day Greece had left behind eight harsh and painful year and it is clear that the exit from the memoranda in August constitutes the start of a new era” Prime Minister and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said addressing his party’s Central Committee on Sunday.

We managed to get out of the memoranda with plan, vision and prioratisation “and most of all with the society standing. We worked with determination and effectiveness and most of all honestly, Tsipras said.

We proceeded with rapid step to the interventions that constitute the core of our programme the next day from the exit from the memoranda, said Tsipras and underlined that all the measures the government announced at Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) in September have been or are being implemented.

“We have proved there is an alternative way” he underlined noting that “you can have a policy of social protection and in parallel to meet the difficult fiscal targets.”

“You can make collective negotiations without interrupting the growth and you can increase the minimum wage without affecting the de-escalation of the unemployment rate and most of all you can announce it to the Cabinet and tap the markets the same day”.

The European elections battle

“It is obvious that an extreme anti-European and far-right pole is being formed which attempts to appear as the sovereign antisystemic trend, as the answer to the crisis of the sovereign political forces of neoliberalism in Europe” noted Tsipras speaking on Sunday to SYRIZA Central Committee.

The context of the European elections battle is clear and in Greece exist the conditions in order for our country to become the positive progressive European anti-example, maybe with Portugal and Spain, said Tsipras adding that “in this battle, SYRIZA proudly and willingly will stand against the forces of the neoliberalism and the far-right”.

“I call you to send a strong rally invitation ahead of the European elections to all the forces, the parties, the personalities and the citizens that share our concerns for Europe and for our country without exclusions and hegemonisms.

To put a halt to the forces of the extreme right and of nationalism and to jointly struggle for a Europe with more democracy and social protection, to prevent the reinstatement of a deeply corrupted and vengeful extreme right and to work together for the Greece of the next day” Tsipras said.

Source: Athens-Macedonian News Agency

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