The Cyprus problem, Statement of Christos Christofides

Despite the difficulties the efforts for a correct solution based on principles must continue

Developments on the Cyprus problem demand a balanced and serious approach centred on our basic objective which is the correct solution of the Cyprus problem. Furthermore, we need a proper solution to the Cyprus problem if we are to survive as a people of Cyprus, to save our country and live free in a reunified Cyprus.

The Cyprus problem will not be solved by issuing public statements, nor through public discussions, but at the negotiating table with the tabling of the official positions and demonstration of the political will of each side. The stand of the Turkish Cypriot leadership too will be judged at the negotiating table.

We must make one more thing clear: we have never claimed that the negotiation procedure will be an easy affair. Obviously there are different approaches and positions between the two sides, while Turkey has still not given clear examples of its intentions. If we agreed from the beginning on everything, the solution to the Cyprus problem would be a simple and speedy process.

What should we do though? Given that the effort to shake off the occupation by peaceful means, as we have at all times decided, has difficulties, must we abandon the efforts to find a correct solution? Should we wait for time to pass and issue statements and counter-statements, hoping that the Cyprus problem will be solved in some magical way? Our own role is to try, defending our positions and principles, to achieve a correct solution. If this main objective is not achieved due to the intransigence of the other side, we should be in a position to expose it to the international community, causing it cost. This is the policy AKEL has always supported in a prompt, serious, balanced and responsible way.

Otherwise we will exhaust our time in confrontations on the internal front with fiery statements and speeches, while time will pass by with all the disastrous consequences that entails, at the same time as the international community will turn its backs on us and Turkey unimpeded will be implementing its plans in Cyprus.

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 13th December 2015, Nicosia

Statement of Christos Christofides, AKEL Political Bureau member 

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